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December 2005, Week 2 Tuesday, December 6, 2005

    Dispite work on a 7/8 scale boxcar on Friday, On30 is back in swing full tilt.  I have a couple of hoppers being constructed, one wooden one form my resin castings, another steel one building from scratch in styrene.  I have elected to go with the proper Bachmann On30 trucks since I found them for roughly the same price as the HO scale ones I was using.  I ordered 7pairs of them this morning actually the Vulcan cast steel trucks instead of the archbars, the ones that should be under the new Bmann Hoppers I requested from Santa.  I am planning on starting a EBTesque boxcar in On30 in the near future, seems I already have most of what I will need onhand.

Friday, December 9, 2005

    Spent most of this week updating the On30 files.  Man I got a lot accomplished in a short time last year.   I guess that part of the attraction of O scale.  I resurrected the 0-6-0 project earlier this week, it has a cab now and I am diligently working on the slope back tender.  Will prolly work on it some more today as well as finishing off the steel hopper that I have underway.


    Decided I wasn't terribly happy with the tender shell I built last night for the 0-6-0.  Did some perusing of my research material, and in "Next Stop Honalulu" found an 0-6-0 with a nifty little tender that looked more like something I wanted.  Quick trip through the bandsaw and I had it trimmed down to size.  Looking to put the wrapper on the tender shell after lunch.


    Didn't get around to putting a wrapper on the tender, but made and mounted all the appliances for the boiler and did aall the plumbing too.   Sometimes I even amaze myself.  Just could be that I get the ol gal finished up this weekend.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

    Banged some cars around in the East Lavender Yard this evening.  I think I'm going to have the farthest back track as a station track and have it extend off the end of the layout, like it is actually one end of a passing siding.  I placed the station there and it actually looks good!  Looking to snag a 2-8-2 mech this weekend off Ebay for the next project.