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December 2005, Week 4 Friday, December 23, 2005

    The biggest part of this week has been a total bust.   The Real World rears its ugly head once again and its demands really cut into the railroading time.   I did get the carbody rivets applied to the boxcar, but thats about all.   I had intended to use today as a "make and mend" day, to finish up several projects that were ALMOST finished and just needed a few little things done to be complete.  the 7/8 boxcar, the EBT steel car, and the 0-6-0.  Once again, so much for careful planning.

    I have managed to get the headlight on the 0-6-0 and touch up the black paint.  Gold painted the whistle and pops and the bell.  Still have to graphite the smokebox and do the number plate for the smokebox front.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

    The 0-6-0 is officially No3 now.  Finished her up last night and put her on the layout.   It always amazes me when something I bnuild works like its supposed to.  Even the headlight came on. Ran her around the layout a little bit, she'd gonna be a fine locomotive.  Target for today is gonna be the EBT boxcar, particularly grab irons, we'll see how much I get done in amonst the various family gatherings.