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WCNG Shay No7

Shay 7 started as a standard Bachmann Shay, In this case I stripped it down to the frame. 
Added a new boiler, bunker, running boards, and built up a frame and tank over a third dummy truck
Closeup of the exhaust pipe running from the engine assembly to the smokebox and stack
The steam supply line from the steam dome to the cylinders
End beams have been added as well as a smokebox front and stack.  Domes are made from PVC plumbing caps
Overview of the Engineer's Side 
Cast resin airpump
Headlight added, pump painted and plumbed appropriately
Air reservoir and basic details added to the boiler 
The detailing of the boiler backhead
Boiler assmbly has been painted
Brakestands have been installed
As well as the Johnson Bar (Reversing Quadrant)
The backhead and cab controls have been completed, and everything painted.
Details beginning to be applied to the Pilot
Engine assmbly with larger cylinders and blow down pipes installed
Overhead view of the painted locomotive
Front 3/4 view
Cab from the engineer's side
Cab is taking Shape
Finished cab in place
The tank has been finished, and painted with just the tank top left to paint
She's done!
Off she goes for a hard days work!