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Building WCNG Shay No9 Page 5  
     Now she's starting o look alot like a Shay!  For an idea of length in Figure 23 the board that she's sitting on is 36" long!  This critter is definately gonna be a monster, about 42" over all when she's done!

     With the cylingers mounted on the rest of the engine assembly, a little detail work is needed.  In this case the cyinder cocks and blowdown valves Figure 24.  All the parts are fabricated from styrene tubing and rod and bent to shape over heat.  Its a tedious proces, but one well worth the effort.  i used digrams from an article on superdetailing a Pacific Coast Shay from a back issue of Model Railroader.

     After teh detail work is done, the whole assembly is carefully lubricated and then painted.  All goes well, and thedriveline thus far is finished!  Just got to get it mounted to the frame! Figure 25 

Fig 23

Fig 24

Fig 25

Fig 26
     Turning to the details again, I worked on the smokebox.  The steam supply pipe on this superheated Shay runs into the top of the smokebox side instead of the dome or side of the boiler, an easy spotting feature on weather or not a Shay is equipped with a superheater, or is saturated steam.  The compound join itn the pipe was made by cutting multiple 30 degree angles from styrene tubing and gluing them together in the proper formation.  This is defianetely a trial and error fit job.  All the detail parts; the cleanout plug, superheater flag and firebox stays are fabricated from styrene bits.

     The rivets are chopped sections of .080 styrene rod glued in place much the same as they were on the frame.  The smokebox fron was cut out of .1 styrene witht e various details on it built up from there.  The rounded door was made the same way as No8's; cutting the top off of a 2" plumbing cap. Figure 26.  I reused the stack from the Connie as it looksed enoughlike a proper Lima taper to do the job with a few added details.

     The cab and bunker were cut out of .040styrene and assembled Figure 27.


Fig 27

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