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Wayne County NG Combine 02


            The impetus of theis project was need for some sort of passenger car for revenue service on the WCNG mixed trains.  I selected a small combine so that it could be used to carry mail, passengers, and LCL freight.

        The combine started by cutting out a plywood subframe to base the assembly one.  After that the detailing began with attaching simulated sills, end beams, truss rods, bolsters and finally the trucks.

        I wanted to have some sort of glazing in the combine windows, and the easiest way to accomplish this was to use a clear plexiglass subframe.  I cut this frame out of 1/16 inch plex and assembled the structure with CA.

        After the subwalls were assembled, I cut the roof and celerstory from soilid wood and shaped them on a belt sander.

        With this bit of work done, I was able to move on to apply the siding and trim parts, and roughly outline the windows.

        Incidentally thats a yellow 12 inch ruler laying on the table in fron of the car.  The siding is made from pieces of 1/8 thick poplar with the siding scribed in.  The trim is made up of micelleaneous pieces as appropriate.

        I finished the model by brush painting it, adding couplers and doors and a few other details.


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