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Maintenance of Way Saturday, January 31, 2009  

January 31, 2009 
     Trying something new this time around......BLOGGING!  Sometimes I have this urge to write but nothing in specific, and I tend to ramble.   So I've decided this will be a sort of a catch all for all my thoughts and doings that don't fit into other sections  of the site.   Still perfecting the format et al, so look fer new stuff in new ways in the future.

      Finally I'm back with a steady income with a job I really like, and I'm getting back into the swing of things.   I've decided to concentrate on getting the Buchanan Branch cicra 1953 operational.   This section will represent the last days of the narrow gauge on the West Virginia & Kentucky.  Mainly a coal hauling operation.   Eventually I'l back date the line to the golden age of the narrow gauge of 1943 with common carrier operations.

     Got a couple inches of snow with ice I'd really like to go away befor ethe next snow storm comes through, I'd love to get some pictures of Shays 117 and 119 bucking snow on the line.  Mebbe even get a string of hoppers being drug up the mountain in the weather.  

     This weekend I got started on some "contract work" for friends.   Finished up the lengthening of a Bachmann tank car for Jon Radder, and began work on the Upper Midwest Cab Foreward for Andre Schofield.   the tank goes well, and its insprired me to do something ith the Bachmann tankcar in my posession.   Teh Cabforeward is really neat and its giving me an opportunity to do work on a large locomotive that ordinarily wouldn't be seen coming out of the WV&K Shops.