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Chicago Burlington & Quincy "Full" dome

The 6 full domes on the "Empire Builder" were called "Great Dome Lounges", with the "great" in reference to the "Great Northern", rather than the size of the car.

Although the domes carried Great Northern colors, the six cars were a "pool" arrangement, and one of the cars was actually owned by Burlington, #1395 "River View", built by Budd and delivered in 1955.

See the "Great Northern 'full' Dome" page for other details.

CB&Q 1395 "River View" - to BN 3/70 (same number), the car was purchased by Amtrak and was renumbered 9365, was later rebuilt for Amtrak Auto train service and with the addition of HEP in 12/84 became the 9302 (name removed). It was in active Amtrak service in 2000 in the "San Diegan" pool, and moved to Chicago in September for special train service. Shipped to Beech Grove early 2001 for truck replacement, then sidelined due to budget cuts. Sold to Henry Hillman/Oregon Rail Corp for American Orient Express service 9/2001 and moved to AOE at Western Jct WA. Rebuilt, renamed "Copper Canyon" (800743) and placed into service on the AOE II train set. Became part of "Grand Luxe"/AOE operation, then sold early 2009 to Xanterra with other Grand Luxe equipment.

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