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A private railcar brokerage / repair / restoration company, they also store railcars.
Some cars are owned by the principals, some leased, some on consignment.

Cars listed may have been sold or the owners may have relocated them. This list is not comprehensive, as other domes may have passed thru their facility.

Additionally, the information on this page is also incomplete as Les Kasten was involved in a relocation of the business and never had the time to fully update our data.

Requests to the new managing partner Ben Butterworth have also not been very productive

(click the links for history and photos of each car)

B&O 5551 Sky Dome (donated)

C&O 1852 Sunlight Dome (sold/restoration)
C&O 1877 Linoma (sold/restoration)

CBQ 253 Silver Cup (restoration/Les Kasten/sold/stored)
CBQ 254 Silver Kettle (Gateway Coach)
CBQ 321 Silver Patio (Mike Gresham)
CBQ 360 Silver View (mechanical)
CBQ 366 Silver Tower (restoration/Ben Butterworth)
CBQ 375 Silver Horizon (sold)
CBQ 1334 (Gateway Coach)
CBQ 1335 (sold 11/04 - remains at GATEWAY)
CBQ 4726 Silver River (Gateway Coach)
CBQ 4727 Silver Stream (sold-stored)
CBQ 4730 Silver Vision (sold to Mike Gresham-stored)
CBQ 4735 Silver Buckle (sold)

DRGW 1140 Silver Shop (Phil Sheridan)

NP 307 (sold 11/04 - remains at GATEWAY)

SPS 1332 (Gateway Coach)

UP 7007 (for restoration/sold)

WAB 200 (Les Kasten/sold)
WAB 1602 (sold)

WP 811 Silver Dollar (sold 11/04-remains at GATEWAY)
WP 817 Silver Thistle (Mike Gresham)
WP 832 Silver Hostel (sold)
WP 881 Silver Crescent (repaired)

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