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Penn/DOT "Turbo" trains Penn/DOT "Turbo" trains

As the 60's and 70's rolled in, government more and more recognized the critical need to "upgrade" the passenger system. In addition to involvement in the "Metroliners", the Department of Transportation also joined the Pennsylvania Railroad in the development of "Turbo" trains.

The trains were advertised as "Turbo DOME Lounges" describing the area upstairs behind the engineer's control area. There was a glass wall between the two, and that gave the passengers a "forward view". About 8/67 or so while on a "press run" an alert photographer up in the "DOME" shot an awesome picture of the train slicing a trailer truck in half! The photo was later published in "Trains"

A DOT/Amtrak three car version painted red and white made a "Nationwide Tour" to garner support for then brand new "Railpax". It turned out to be a smoke screen that promised every town from Sacramento to Springfield that they too would "soon" see NEW trains such as these "Ultra - modern" turbos.

Amtrak only had three or four and they were gone by 1976. CN/VIA had seven sets which were never reliable, and all VIA Rail Turbos were out of service by the end of 1981.

Photos: George Elwood, Jim Hebner, Joe Testagrose, Brian Thompson, Larry Mack, Marty Cahill

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