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SAL-Seaboard Air Line SAL-Seaboard Air Line

In 1956 Pullman Standard delivered 3 specially modifed "honorary dome" lounge-sleeper cars for "Silver Meteor" service between New York and Florida. Lounge windows "wrapped around" up into the ceiling , providing a light, airy ambiance , which along with the decor, was designed to stimulate thoughts of warm, sunny climes. Tunnels in the northeast prevented use of regular domes on the train.

"Hollywood Beach"

this car is a survivor of this series and is available for charter from Southern Classic Train Cars at 615-850-1730. The car was in use (1999) on the Broadway Dinner Train, Nashville TN. In the 1967 merger of SAL and ACL into SCL, the car was renamed "Sun Ray".

"Miami Beach"

this car also survived, is owned by Mike & Karen Gresham, is at Illinois Transit Assembly for restoration, and is expected out in May 2000 and will hopefully be in lease operation. This car was renamed "Sun View" by SCL.

"Palm Beach"

The car was scrapped many years ago at Napporano Steel in NJ. A picture of the cut-off lounge area appeared in the 12/88 issue of PTJ. The car had been renamed "Sun Beam" by SCL.

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