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Spokane Portland & Seattle (SP&S)

Three domes were owned by SP&S. A coach and sleeper as "pool" shares of the "North Coast Limited", and a coach as a "pool" share of the "Empire Builder". All cars were built by Budd and were delivered in either GN or NP colors.
Some were later painted in SP&S livery prior to the merger into Burlington Northern.

SP&S 306 (pool service on NP "North Coast Limited") - sleeper ( for NP North Coast Limited-6/54), NP 306, BN 1446 (not applied) - car painted into SP&S olive/black livery in 1969, Amtrak 9211, ANSCO investments (10/85) - prepped for movement from LA by Monad, became D&RGW 9211 (car owned by ANSCO), rebuilt 1987 at Northern Rail Car as "California" (800078) with fluted siding added, became SP 9211 (10/88) (still owned by ANSCO) - car remained in RG colors with SP lettering, remained ANSCO property after the UPRR merged the SP into their system during 9/96 - letterboards returned to "Rio Grande" markings 11/99.

SP&S 559 (pool service on NP "North Coast Limited") - coach (for NP North Coast Limited-6/54), NP 559, BN 4626 (not applied), Amtrak 9486, Amtrak 9408 (HEP) (10/83), Alaska Railroad 553 (7/99) (not applied) ARR 523 (11/99) - converted from 46 to 38 seats - ADA restroom added in "B" end.

SP&S 1332 (pool service on GN "Empire Builder") - coach (GN for Empire Builder-1955), delivered in full GN dark green and orange "Empire Builder" colors, with SP&S initials in the corners of the upper right and left letter board ends - the ONLY "Empire Builder" dome to carry these colors all the way to Amtrak, BN 4612 (not applied), Amtrak 9472 (applied 5/73), leased to Alaska Railroad 7072 4/84-12/85, leased to Texas Southern, returned and stored until sold to VIA 520 (11/87) - stored inactive in Montreal and stripped. Sold to Gateway Coach/Ben Butterworth and moved to ITAC 12/06-1/07.

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Additional info: Roy Wullich, PTJ, Rails Northwest

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