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French DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) "Domes"

X4200 series DMU's built around 1960. All retired with one (below) still operating on a scenic shortline. Photo by Jean-Paul Lescat courtesy David Garon.

Swedish DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) "domes"

The Y3-class diesel multiple-unit trainsets were built by the German company LHB in 1966-67. Each set contained 4 cars, but trailers were switchable, and consists sometimes ran with 3 or 5 cars (photo below). The trainset was powered by twin Deutz 620hp engines.

Only the power car and the opposite end cab control car had an elevated dome. The trailers in the middle of the trainsets were single level.

The power car had the engines in the lower level, while the car with the driver's cab had a seating area downstairs. Photos of both ends are below.

All Y3-class trainsets have been scrapped.

Thanks to/photos: Jan Lindahl, Kenny S Ericson

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