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MOB Panoramic Expresses

The Montreux-Oberland Bernois Railway is one of the oldest electric railway lines in Switzerland; the main line connecting Montreux-Gstaad-Zweisimmen began operations between 1901 and 1905.

This entire line opens up a region of awe-inspiring scenic beauty and unending variety, and for many years they have offered trips in glass-topped cars to let passengers experience the dramatic views.

The modern luxury train on this route has been the "Panoramic Express". The service was updated in 1985 in the form of the "Super Panoramic Express" and again in 1993 with the "Crystal Panoramic Express".

Thanks to/photos: Stefan Dringenberg, Sven Manias, Lukas Witschi

SBB Panoramic cars

To enhance the Eurocity trains, the SBB introduced a new panoramic-view coach with 1st class comfort.

The most elegant coach the SBB offers, it increases the pleasure of train travel with a large viewing area while the coach itself conforms to UIC standards. The panoramic-view coaches can be placed in the center, the head end, or the end of the train. The panorama coach can be used by 1st class ticket holders at no extra charge.

The windows are set into the roof with an elegant arch. The narrow center strip of the roof prevents the zigzag of the catenary from disturbing the viewing area at high speeds.

The passenger area has room for 54 people, 36 in non-smoking and 18 in smoking compartments. The compartments are separated by a glass wall with built-in swinging door.

The increased superstructure weight and the maximum speed of 200km/h required the addition of a third brake disc on each axle.

Initialy direct runs to Munich, Milan, Amsterdam and Klagenfurt(Austria) were offered; since May 1993 they are in service on the routes Zurich-Vienna/Milan/Graz and since June 1994 Zurich-Venice.
Thanks to/photos: Geoff Money, Jan Lindahl, SBB, Tobias Kohler

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