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The Redding Area
Pix of the Union Pacific Railroad, Engines, Freight cars, and Buildings.
Some pix of the Model Railroad layout at the Train Depot.
Looking northeast towards Mt. Shasta. 
Tanker, Flatcar, Boxcar; that is, 'Mixed Freight' on siding in redding. 
Part of the Layout at the 
Train Depot on Railroad Ave 
in Redding.
Part 2 of Layout
Part 3 of Layout
Part 4 of Layout

While you might like to drop on by the Train Depot to see this awsum layout, please remember this layout is being built by volunteers'.
If you wish to volunteer to help in the building of this layout, then call the Train Depot at 530-243-1360 and ask for Bill Sturges.

Part 5 of Layout
Part 6 of Layout
Union Pacific Railroad Trestle, 
Crosses the Sacramento River 
in the City of Redding. 
Part 1 of 3 pix.
Union Pacific Railroad Trestle, 
Crossing over Caldwell Park, Redding. 
Part 2 of 3 pix.
Union Pacific Railroad Trestle, 
Headed toward a housing area. 
Part 3 of 3 pix.
Union Pacific No. 2049 
When I arrived to take these pictures, the train crew had just headed for the Old Station.

Southern Pacific Diesel, No. 7139. 
Both diesels in tandem sitting north of the Amtrack Station. 


Old Railroad Station. 
Now used by Train Crew. 

Also used as a Freight Depot. 

Train Shed, north of Old Railroad Station.
Looking south of Amtrack Station.
Looking north towards Amtrack Station and the Union Pacific & Southern Pacific Diesels in Tandem.

On a clear day you can see OVER 60 miles.
Train in lower part of picture.
This page by Wendy Holmes
on March 5th 1998.
 All Imagees are © March 1998 by Wendy Holmes