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July 2012!

Wicopee, OR
Sept. 11, 2010

It is ironic that I just decided to "clean up" this web site after several years of not doing anything to it. The last minor update was changing the cover photo/photo of the month to this shot at Wicopee, OR, on the UP's Cascade Subdivision (former SP) 2-1/2 years ago. Last weekend Austin I went up Wicopee, only to find a bunch of UP workers up there putting up new "Darth Vader" signals to replace the classic SP signal bridge. This classic shot (with a lump in my throat, since the locomotives are now yellow!) cannot be duplicated! The same type of signal bridge is still in place at Abernethy, and no work looks to be done this year, so a similar shot up there this summer/fall is on my must-do list! So, this shot will remain as the current "Photo of the Month" for awhile longer...

Bill of Lading

JULY 26, 2012: After several years of web site neglect, I will start doing a little work on this web site again! First step will be to clean up the existing pages, remove the "New! Added (several years ago!)" tags and sort the "new" images into the proper order with the rest of the content. Then I may start to add a little content...

The Mainline

Class-One scenic, action, and roster shots. Currently linked to my RR Picture space, as this is much easier to maintain than a web site!

The Shortline

The bulk of the material on this web site is in here. If you like shortlines, loggers, and/or industrial lines, you will want to look here.

The Interchange
The Grade Crossing
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