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Western Rails - Yolo Shortline - August 10, 2002

Yolo Shortline
Woodland, CA - August 10, 2002

I won't even attempt to present the history or operations of the Yolo Shortline, but if you are interested you may want to look at the following web sites:

Yolo Shortline Railroad home page
Sacramento Valley Historical Railways home page
The Woodland Branch: A Sacramento Northern Success Story

I would like to thank Dennis Winger and Roger Colton for info on the locomotives and rolling stock on this page.

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GE 50-ton #50

Built in 1939

Owned by Sacramento Valley Historical Railways.

Ex Spreckles Sugar #1 (Woodland, CA).
Donated to SVHR in 1985 by Spreckles Sugar.
Leased to Yolo Shortline.

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Alco S-1 #101

Built in May 1942, serial 69692

Originally Western Pacific #511.
Retired by WP in November 1967, sold (traded in?) to GE.
Resold by GE to Pacific States Steel (Union City, CA), same#.
Resold to Corn Products Corporation (Stockton, CA).
Acquired in November 1990 by Yolo Shortline from a dealer in Stockton, CA.
YSL road number not applied.

Caboose #601

Ex-Union Pacific

Note "Modoc RR Academy" logo on side.

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Caboose #1156

Built in 1942 by Southern Pacific's Los Angeles Shops

Owned by Sacramento Valley Historical Railways.

Ex Southern Pacific #1156, class C-40-3.
Donated to SVHR by SP in 1985.

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EMD NW2 #101

Built June 1949, serial 7329

Privately owned - not property of Yolo Shortline or SVHR.

Originally Southern Pacific (Texas & New Orleans) #84.
Renumbered in 1965 to SP #1926.
Rebuilt by SP's Houston General Shops to NW2E #1302, released April 1, 1971.
Retired by SP circa 1985 or 1986?
To Luria Brothers (location unknown), re# 101.
Now privately owned, stored on Yolo Shortline.

  Yolo Shortline also owns three ex Southern Pacific GP9's. None were around the day I was in Woodland. YSL 131 is ex SP 3833, I do not have any info on the other two (YSL 132 and 133) other than they are ex SP.


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