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Coupler Comparison

Here's some comparative information on 1.5" scale couplers. Drop me a note if you want to add to this report.

Will Jordan

Supplier Part no Material Shank kit-rtr each pair
Railroad Warehouse CPKIT-01 Cast Iron Spring kit $22.50  
Railroad Warehouse R2RCP02 Cast Iron Spring rtr $28.00  
Cannonball 22120 aluminum spring kit   $30.00
Cannonball 22110 aluminum solid kit   $30.00
Cannonball 12120 aluminum spring rtr   $50.00
Cannonball 12110 aluminum solid rtr   $50.00
Cannonball 22220 bronze Spring kit   $40.00
Cannonball 22210 bronze solid kit   $45.00
Cannonball 12220 bronze Spring rtr   $60.00
Cannonball 12210 bronze solid rtr   $65.00
Mountian Car Company   ductile iron Spring rtr   $50.00
Mountian Car Company   manganese bronze Spring rtr   $75.00
Train Mountain Mercer manganese bronze no spring rtr   $55.00
Train Mountain Mercer manganese bronze spring rtr   $60.00
Train Mountain   Ductile Iron no buffer rtr   $85.00
Train Mountain   Ductile Iron rubber block rtr   $90.00
L.S. Manufacturing   stainless steel spring rtr   $100.00
L.S. Manufacturing   stainless steel w/o springs, spacers rtr   $80.00

    I've purchased a pair of the Railroad Warehouse couplers and they look well built. Others I've talked to who use the Mountain Car couplers are happy with them.
    Train Mountain is new in the coupler business, but their reputation is high quality but expensive. They are selling their new ductile iron couplers as well as reconditioned Mercer manganese bronze couplers they are replacing with ductile iron. They have gone to ductile iron to ensure the strength necessary for 100 car trains.

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