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Pot Burner

Willy Rowe has provided photos and a sketch of his pot burner. Better photos are one their way.

Will Jordan

Top view
top view of burner

Bottom view


Willy writes:

As to history? Not much I can say about the burner yet. The burner that I have shown you is the 2nd attempt to getting it right. The hope is that if it works this time I will have a longer run than I do with coal. A fellow at the LA Live Steamers (Leo Maynard) once told me the fuels have a approximate value.

   Wood			 7 
   Propane	     4-5 
   Coal			 3 
   Oil            1 

These values are to represent the factor in how much fuel a average user will consume in normal operation. I seem to remember Tom Rhodes in his "Steamboat Wharf" articles touched on the same factors (long time ago maybe 10 years?).

Here is a link of where I get to run. Washington County Railroad There are two railroads on this link. slide #14 is of me blowing down. [note: photo is reproduced below.]

My locomotive was built by a gentleman now in his late 80's, Archie Jamieson. Archie built this loco from the years of 88-93. The cab number used to reflect that. Now the cab is #5 since this is my fifth and favorite loco. I am trying to build a layout of 1100 feet going around my property in 7.5" with turns limited at 7 9/16". At present all I have done is made a slanted turntable (oops) that allows the loco to roll easily back to the garage. Also presently installed is one steaming bay. I can send you more pictures if you like. Most of the grade work is done with 2% being the max grade. This layout is seeing many changes, at one time it was a point to point at 1400 feet. Now it is going to be a loop with a removable section that crosses the driveway.

Hope this helps........ -willy-

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