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This project has been in my mind for quite a while. The locomotive prototype began service for the Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company and ended its working life for Canadian Forest Products on Vancouver Island. It still exists.
While I've never seen it, I know that it is a small powerful engine. I believe that it has the 44"drivers standard for the rod engines in logging service, has piston valves, and is superheated. The saddle tank gives it lots of traction. Small and powerful, it seems a good prototype to model.

15 Jan 01
My initial effort on this project has been to look for a suitable set of castings as a starting point. Critical are the piston valves and the small drivers. In 1.5" scale, 44 inch drivers work out to 5.5". Most of what I found was for older engines with larger drivers. Then, while searching for a couplers for a project closer to completion, I found Bob Pedersen's Railroad Warehouse.

Bob has plans and castings for a light Mikado. It has six inch drivers. If I model in 1.6" scale, 6" drivers scale out to 45", within the range of replacement tires. The cylinder have piston valves, and the rest looks good. I'll be exploring this further as a source of plans.

Pictures and plans will be forthcoming.

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