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Site Version 2.4 Last Updated 10/31/14.

The above image created by Timothy Anderson, Copyrighted 2005 , used with permission, titled "Train Station."

It's based on his first impressions of Philadelphia's 30th Street Station as a small boy (note the tyke in green at the information sign.)

10/31/14 Finally updated the Also RS-1. And yes, the handrails are supposed to be that way.

9-16-14 Added another paint scheme for the LI CPA-20-5. Yes, it's been a while. New job is keeping me busy.

9-29-13 Updated the C-636. C-630M were also uploaded.

9-2-13 Updated the US C-630 models. Canadian versions to follow.

8-10-13 Updated the C-628, I might note that all of the Alco Century updates are by original owners.

8-2-13 Updated the Alco C-430 versions.

7-19-13 - The Canadian C-424 (MLW) versions have been updated, as have the C-425 drawings.

7-5-13 - And now the C-424 has been updated. I think the pattern will be CTR engines to begin with, then I'll figure out what's next.

6-8-13 An update a long time coming: C-420 redrawn (again, from scratch), added EMC EA & EB, updated Alco Switchers and EMD Small Geeps. Updates include better hoses, better horns, better couplers, other detail improvements, and a top view. Check 'em out. A forced change in jobs and a side project with the Entertainment Designer son (think Star Wars - check his website out if you're interested) are my excuses for the long haitus.

8-24-12 The Reading steam Roster is not a complete one, but is as complete as I'm likely able to produce without additional documentation. See them in the Stean Line pages.

8/1/12 Added more Reading steam locomotives to the Steam Line Page.

7/21/12 Added a couple of RDG Camel Backs to the Steam Line Page.

6/22/12 Cab Car and Metroliners and upgraded coloring, oh my! The Amtrak and CR pages have much added, check them out.

5-23-12 Added the Budd Metroliners to the Rolling Stock Line Page.

5-3-12 Updated Superliner Drawings and added Amtrak renderings for the newer passenger equipment

4-16-12 Updated the Amfleet line drawings, the decided to update the Amtrak page to include renderings of the Amfleet equipment.

3-13-2012 Rendered the NYC CPA-2-5 and re-rendered the LI and NH CPA-24-5 engines.

3-1-12 The C-Liners were redrawn with more railroad specific detail. I did not realize that each railroad represented could have so many iterations. Many thanks to a few forum responses, Charles Woolover, and Michael Eby.

2-14-12 - Erie-Built renderings on PRR and ATSF pages, as well as a forgotten DL-109 (ATSF).

2-11-12 - UP Erie-Built renderings added to UP Page. Subject to minor revisions based on reviews. Also added the "Demo" to the Demo Page.

2-7-12 - And then the Erie-Built B Units.

2-6-12 - Added the Fairbanks-Morse "Erie-Built" locomotives (A Units for now), with all of their permutations to the FM Line Page. Now I know why I waited so long!

1-25-12 - Created GP-50 files and updated the GP-15 drawings. You'll find them on the First EMD Page.

1-17-12 - Further upgrade of the CNJ GP-7, separating out the GP-9s.

1-14-12 - Upgraded and added renderings of LV C-420 and C-628.

1-3-12 - Upgraded and added renderings of the CNJ GP-7.

12-30-11- Upgraded and added renderings of CNJ "Baby-Face" freight units

12-29-11 - Added CNJ SD-40 renderings today.

12-22-11 - Finally added the GM&O iterations of the DR6-4-2000.

12/16/11 - Finally added renderings of C&NW "Baby-faced" Baldwins.

12/2/11 - Added line drawings to the second EMD page to include the SD-38, SD-39, and SD-40. Evan Stone allowed me to copy pages from his Simmons-Boardman Cyclopedia with dimensional data.

11/22/11 - There are now Hotrod renderings on the NH and Amtrak pages.

11/19/11 - Added the line drawings for the Budd built "Hotrods", streamlined RDCs for the Roger Williams on the New Haven. See the Rolling Stock Page.

11/15/11 - As promised, the rendered New Haven and Boston & Maine P12-42 on the New Haven and Regional pages, respectively.

11/13/11 - With help from a couple of people, I received enough info to draft the light-weight Fairbanks-Morse P12-42 in both B&M and NH versions. See the FM line page. Yes, renderings will follow when I can.

11/3/11 - Added CNJ Double-Baby-Face engine renderings, the DRx-6-4-2000, both iterations and both significant paint schemes. I've actually had these for a while, but forgot to post them.

10/28/11 - On another whim, I added the motive power for the original California Zephyr from all three of the participants in each of their respective pages. For the uninitiated, that would be CB&Q, D&RGW, and WP.

10/13/2011 - Updated the AB-6 and DR 6-4-1000 as per suggestion from Tom Brandt's well documented critique. Fixed a few links as well.

9/29/11 - The decals are awesome. I will actually have finished motive power for the empire! The RDCs will be first. Meanwhile, a few more CTR passenger cars have been updated and I've added line drawings of the BNSF Theater Car Glacier View in the Rolling Stock Page.

9/24/11 - Due to printing constraints, the CTR Logo had to be adjusted. The CTR Page and all of its links have been updated to reflect these changes. Yes, for those keeping score, I'm finally getting my custom decals. One step closer to making my empire more of a reality!

8/30/11 - And then we add the DRX-6-4-2000, the double ended CNJ engines to the BLW Line page.

8/28/11 - Added the Baldwin Babyface DR-6-4-2000 to the Baldwin Line Page.

8/9/11 Adding an EMD Oddity, the Rock Island EAB, or an E-6B unit with a flat-faced cab, in the Second EMD Line page as well as the renderings of the three paint versions I've found.

7/24/11 (Pioneer Day for all the Mormons out there) - The Promised ALP45-DP NJT Rendering.

7/20/11 - Snuck in an ALP45-DP in the Other Manufacturer's Line Drawings. And yes, as usual, the NJT rendering will follow.

7/17/11 - Added Paducah/ICG GP-8, GP-10 and GP-11 line drawings to the second EMD page, and rendered versions on a modified CN page under ICG. I got crazy on ICG.

6/27/11 - And then the BC Rail GF6-C rendering, as promised.

6/19/11 - Happy Father's Day. Added the EMD GF6-C to the first EMD line page, and yes, the BC Rail rendering should follow soon.

6/10/11 - The two BLW-Westinghouse experimental electrics for PRR are now represented. You'll find the line drawings on the Baldwin Page, and the renderings on the PC/PRR page.

5/13/11 GM6-C renderings have arrived at the Demo Page (1975) and the Conrail Page (4975). Many thanks to Charles Woolever who provided the scale drawing from which I was able to draw my file.

5/7/11 - Tweaked the CN page to include BC Rail, added the GM6-C (EMD Freight Electric Demo) to the first EMD Line Page. And yes, a rendered demo will follow soon.

3/9/11 - Changes to the Lakeside Central page include rearranging some of the long distance trains to include newer motive power and a whole new trainset for the Seasonal Service from Miami to Chicago.

2/18/11 - Updated/Modified the CTR Slug-B (new donor body obtained from a C-415)

1/21/11 - Sure enough, the F40PHL-2 Tri-Rail renderings followed, along with a slew of SR E-8A renderings. See the Commuter and NS pages respectively.

1/14/11 - Added MK F40PHL-2 to Other Manufacturers' Line Page. The Tri-Rail rendering should follow shortly.

1/7/11- Added renderings of a couple of VRE engines.

1/1/11 - Added renderings of Metra F-40-C in two paint schemes and a MARC MP36PH-3C.

12/23/10 - Added a rendering of the MNCR F-10

12/18/10 - Added renderings of MNCR FL-9 locomotives, the MNCR F40-PHCAT, and the MARC HHP-8

12/6/10 - Added NJT ALP-46 and Alp-46A to the Commuter Page.

12/2/10 - Another batch of files including line drawings of Bombardier Electric Locomotives for NJT (ALP-46 and ALP-46A) and Amtrak (HHP-8 and Acela 6.5 Power Car). Also added a Demo Bombardier Turbine Locomotive, in addition to the Acela cars and a custom set of Bombardier cars to augment the Acela cars for LC. And rendered HHP-8 locomotives for Amtrak.

9/7/10 - Bunches of upgrades. Fixed the RS-1, thanks to a sharp-eyed web visitor. Updated the LIRR page, adding a few of the later passenger cars. Added the line drawings of the P-72 and P-75 to the Rolling Stock Page.

4/22/10 - The Lakeside Central Railway makes it's full debut to the web with a great deal of help from the corporate offices in Tallahassee. Here's a shout out to the Mindlin Family for putting up with the "artist."

4/16/10 - Upgraded the rendered CTR passenger fleet with the new passenger car bases, and added a Budd Lounge to the Rolling Stock Line Page.

3/27/10 - Added a boatload of passenger equipment and pulled the generic passenger cars from the Rolling Stock Line Drawing page.

3/21/10 - An ACF Fluted Baggage and RPO were added.

3/19/10 - A P-S Fluted Observation and a couple of ACF Fluted Sleepers and another Budd Sleeper are added to the collection.

3/17/10 - More passenger cars, this time a Pullman-Standard Coach, Diner, and the AT&SF Pleasure Dome

3/12/10 - A Budd Dome Observation and Baggage car round out the Budd Passenger car selection, for now.

3/11/10 - Added a bunch of Budd Dome cars to the Rolling Stock Line Drawing page.

3/6/10 - Added the Budd Coach to the previous three.

3/4/10 - News for anyone interested in hard copy prints of my work. Silver Rails Gallery is offering framed and unframed high resolution prints of my work. Follow the link for details.

3/4/10 - Also added three Budd passenger car line drawings and updated the Rolling Stock Line Drawing page.

2/2/10 - Happy Ground Hog's Day. New renderings of AT&SF SDP-40-F on BNSF Page.

1/31/10 - Revised the BNSF page as I seem to be on a Santa Fe kick of late, also adding iterations of the Santa Fe FP-45.

1/28/10 - Revised the EMD F45 Drawings, added ATSF renderings of F45 (five versions)

1/22/10 - Updated D&H PA-1, added ATSF PA-1 original and rebuilt. And updated PA's on the Alco Line page.

1/07/10 - BN SD-60M renderings were added the their respective page.

1/06/10 - First renderings of the new year, Conrail SD-60Ms and SD-60I.

11/29/09 - Fixed some details on the GE AMD-103 engines on the GE Line page.

11/26/09 - And for Thanksgiving this year, I'm uploading a whole mess of stuff. First, we have three iterations of the GE P-32-AC DM for MNCR, as well as an MNCR GP-40-FH2. I also added system maps to the commuter page (including LIRR). More MNCR renderings to follow.

11/19/09 - The LIRR DE30AC and DM30AC renderings have finally been added, along with the NJT P42.

11/10/09 - Added a whole mess of EMD SD-60m versions to the Second EMD Page.

11/05/09 - Added EMD DE30AC and DM30AC Line Drawings to the second EMD Page (with thanks again to Michael Eby for sharing source material.) The LIRR renderings can't be too far behind, can they?

10/30/09 - Added color renderings of the F-59-PH for Metrolink (LA, CA), GO Transit, and TRE (Dallas, TX).

10/27/09 - Added EMD F-59-PH Line Drawings (thanks to Michael Eby's assistance)

10/22/09 - Added an SD-50 and SD-60 to the Andersonapolis roster

7/9/09 - Shined up the Reading Crusader locomotive.

5/21/09 - Got some good information to complete the LIRR historical collection, so the Baldwin switchers and original Alco switcher paint schemes have been added,

5/6/09 - Tweaked the GB&W Alcos, added a C-424 to D&H and a C-430 to L&N

5/1/09 - Added another slew of GB&W C-424's

4/23/09 - Added a whole slew of CR engines, upgraded the C-628 and C-630 renderings and adding SD-50 and SD-60 renderings.

4/21/09 - E-8A added to RF&P, SD-45-2 added to CR.

4/17/09 - PRR E-2b added to the PRR renderings.

4/15/09 - E-44 added for PRR, PC, and CR.

4/13/09 - SCL C-430 added.

4/11/09 - C-430s for Conrail, PC, NYC, and GB&W.

4/6/09 - We've added C-424s for PRR, PC, and CR, we've added RS-27s for GB&W, C&NW, and SOO Line, and we've added a PRR version of the C424 to the Alco Line page. The C-430 is getting the next facelift.

3/31/09 - Oh boy! Major upload today. CR, PC, and PRR renderings of the C-425. Redo of the NH C-425. A new RS-27 for UP. Also a minor tweaking of the PRR version of the C-425 line drawing.

3/29/09 - Upgraded the Alco RS-27 drawings to take in Dynamic and non-Dynamic brake variations. Added a PC and PRR RS-27 renderings. Upgraded the Alco C-425 drawings as well. A couple of rendering repairs will result.

3/26/09 - Added a C628, a C-630, and a C636 in Conrail paint. Notice a pattern?

3/25/09 - Added a C-628 and a C-630 in PRR paint. This was most difficult. Not.

3/24/09 - Added a C-628 and a C-630 PC paint scheme.

3/23/09 - Added a CNJ GP-40-P.

3/21/09 - Added three MBTA F-10 schemes.

3/20/09 - Happy Spring! Added two MTBA F40PH-2C renderings.

3/17/09 - Added three versions of the F40PH for the Mass. Bay Transit Authority

3/14/09 - Altamont Commuter Express F40PH-3C added.

3/12/09 - Added the two paint schemes for the Tri-Rail and Cal Train F40PH-2C engines.

3/10/09 - Timmy's Birthday! And as promised, a couple of Florida Tri-Rail engines were added to the Commuter Page,

3/9/09 - Added an F40PH (early Tri Rail) and an F40PHM (Tri Rail) to the EMD Line Second Page. That could mean some Tri Rail decorated engines soon. Maybe . . .

3/8/09 - As promised, line drawings of the MPI F40PH-2C and -3C.

3/6/09 - A couple more MP36PH-3C engines added, Cal Train and Metrolink. MPI F40PH-2C and F40PH-3C coming soon.

2/28/09 - First update of the year, finally finished the UTA MP36PH-3C. Not that it was difficult, but, you know, stuff was happening.




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