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This is The First Page

(The Second Page has SDs, Carbodys and Rebuilds)

Switch Engines

  1. NW-2 Phase I
  2. NW-2 Phase II
  3. SW-600
  4. SW-7
  1. SW-8
  2. SW-9
  3. SW-900
  4. SW-900 mu
  1. SW-1200
  2. SW-1200 mu
  3. SW-1200 (Flexicoil)
  4. SW-1200 mu (Flexicoil)
  1. SW-1000 AAR
  2. SW-1000 AAR (Hr)
  3. SW-1000 Flexicoil
  4. SW-1000 Flexicoil (Hr)
  1. SW-1500 AAR
  2. SW-1500 AAR (Hr)
  3. SW-1500 Flexicoil
  4. SW-1500 Flexicoil (Hr)
  1. SW-1001 AAR
  2. SW-1001 AAR (Hr)
  3. SW-1001 Flexicoil
  4. SW-1001 Flexicoil (Hr)
  1. RS-1325
  2. MP-15-DC Phase I
  3. MP-15-DC Phase II Filter 1
  4. MP-15-DC Phase II Filter 2
  1. MP-15-AC Phase I
  2. MP-15-AC Phase II
  3. Blank
  4. Blank

Links for the Demonstrator Colors for the SW-1500, and MP-15-AC.

First Generation Geep

  1. BL-1
  2. BL-2 Phase I
  3. BL-2 Phase II
  4. BL-2 Steam
  1. GP-7 (No Dynamic)
  2. GP-7 (No Dynamic, EL)
  3. GP-7 (Dynamic)
  4. GP-7b (Dynamic)
  1. GP-7 (No Dynamic, Steam)
  2. GP-7 (No Dynamic, Steam, CNJ)
  3. GP-7 (No Dynamic. Steam, T&P)
  4. GP-7 (Dynamic, Steam)
  1. GP-9 Phase I (No Dynamic)
  2. GP-9 Phase I (Dynamic)
  3. GP-9b Phase I (Dynamic)
  4. GP-9 Phase I (No Dyn, Steam)
  1. GP-9 Phase I (Dyn, Steam)
  2. GP-9 Phase II (No Dynamic)
  3. GP-9 Phase II (Dynamic)
  4. GP-9b Phase II (Dynanic)
  1. GP-9 Phase II (No Dyn, Steam)
  2. GP-9 Phase II (Dyn, Steam)
  3. GP-9 Phase II (Dyn, Low Nose)
  4. Blank
  1. Blank
  2. GP-18 (No Dynamic)
  3. GP-18 (Dynamic)
  4. GP-18 (Steam)
  1. GP-18 (Steam & Dyn)
  2. GP-18 Low Nose (No Dyn)
  3. GP-18 Low Nose (Dynamic)
  4. GP-20 (No Dynamic)
  1. GP-20 (Dynamic)
  2. GP-20 High Hood (Dynamic)
  3. GP-20 High Hood (Stm & Dyn)
  4. Blank

The Link for the Demonstrator Colors for the BL-1, GP-7 and GP-20.

Second Generation Geep

  1. GP-30 Phase I (No Dynamic)
  2. GP-30 Phase I
  3. GP-30 Phase I (RDG)
  4. GP-30 Phase II (No Dynamic)
  1. GP-30 Phase II
  2. GP-30 Phase II (AAR Truck)
  3. GP-30 Phase II (High Nose)
  4. GP-35 (No Dynamic)
  1. GP-35
  2. GP-35 (AAR Truck)
  3. GP-35 (High Nose)
  4. GP-35 (RDG)
  1. GP-38 (No Dynamic)
  2. GP-38 (Dynamic)
  3. GP-38 High Nose (Dynamic)
  4. GP-39 (No Dynamic)
  1. GP-39 (Dynamic)
  2. GP-40 (No Dynamic)
  3. GP-40 (Dynamic)
  4. GP-40 High Nose (Dynamic)
  1. GP-40P (CNJ)
  2. Blank
  3. Blank
  4. Blank

The Link for the Demonstrator Colors for the GP-30 and GP-35. GP-40-PH (Commuter Rebuilds) are found on the Second Page.

Third Generation Geep

  1. GP-15-1 C&NW
  2. GP-15-1 CR
  3. GP-15-1 MP
  4. GP-15-1 SLSF
  1. GP-15-1m MP
  2. GP-15AC MP
  3. GP-15ACm MP
  4. GP-15T C&O
  1. GP-15T AN
  2. GP-38-2 Phase I (No Dyn)
  3. GP-38-2 Phase I (Dyn)
  4. GP-38-2 Phase II (No Dyn)
  1. GP-38-2 Phase II (Dyn)
  2. GP-38-2 Phase II High Nose
  3. GP-39-2 Phase I (No Dyn)
  4. GP-39-2 Phase I (Dyn)
  1. GP-39-2 Phase II (No Dyn)
  2. GP-39-2 Phase II (Dyn)
  3. GP-40-2 Phase I (No Dyn)
  4. GP-40-2 Phase I (Dyn)
  1. GP-40-2 Phase II (No Dyn)
  2. GP-40-2 Phase II (Dyn)
  3. GP-40-2 Phase II High Nose
  4. GP-40-2P (SP)
  1. GP-50 Phase I ATSF
  2. GP-50 Phase I SLSF
  3. GP-50 Phase I C&NW
  4. GP-50 Phase I MP
  1. GP-50 Phase I SOU
  2. GP-50 Phase II ATSF
  3. GP-50 Phase II BN
  4. Blank

GP-40-PH-2 (Commuter Rebuilds) are found on the Second Page.

Electric Freight Locomotives

  1. GM-6C
  2. GM-10B
  3. GF-6C
  4. Blank


Electric Passenger Locomotives

  1. AEM-7 Amtrak Phase I
  2. AEM-7 Amtrak Phase II
  3. AEM-7 Amtrak Phase III
  4. AEM-7AC (Amtrak Rebuild)
  1. Blank
  2. AEM-7 MARC
  3. AEM-7 SEPTA
  4. Blank

ALP-44 was built by ASEA Brown-Boveri after the AEM-7 was discontiued without EMD (or Budd.)

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All linework shown above created by Will Anderson unless specifically noted.

I ask nothing for posted drawings to be displayed on personal sites, as long as permission is granted from the owner (me or another posted artist) and credit is given.

See the AutoCad Page if one desires drawings for commercial use.

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