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Fairbanks-Morse Line Drawings



Switch Engines

  1. RDG 97
  2. Blank
  3. Blank
  4. Blank

Road Switchers

  1. H-16-44 Phase I
  2. H-16-44 Phase Ia
  3. H-16-44 Phase I NH
  4. H-16-44 Phase II (No Dyn)
  1. H-16-44 Phase II (Dynamic)
  2. H-16-66 (No Dynamic)
  3. H-16-66 (Dynamic)
  4. H-24-66 Phase I (No Dyn)
  1. H-24-66 Phase I (Dyn)
  2. H-24-66 Phase Ia (No Dyn)
  3. H-24-66 Phase Ia (Dyn)
  4. H-24-66 Phase I SP

Here are links to the Demonstrator schemes for the H-15-44 and H-24-66

Car-Body Locomotives

  1. Erie-Built Phase Ia UP
  2. Erie-Built B Phase Ia UP
  3. Erie-Built Phase Ia KCS
  4. Erie-Built B Phase Ia KCS
  1. Erie-Built Phase Ib MILW
  2. Erie-Built B Phase Ib MILW
  3. Erie-Built Phase IIa UP
  4. Erie-Built B Phase IIa UP
  1. Erie-Built Phase IIa ATSF
  2. Erie-Built Phase IIa MILW
  3. Erie-Built B Phase IIa ATSF, MILW
  4. Erie-Built Phase IIa C&NW
  1. Erie-Built Phase IIa KCS
  2. Erie-Built B Phase IIb KCS
  3. Erie-Built Phase IIa NYC
  4. Erie-Built Phase IIb NYC
  1. Erie-Built Phase IIb NYC (SG)
  2. Erie-Built Phase IIb PRR (DB)
  3. Erie-Built B Phase IIb NYC, PRR
  4. Erie-Built Phase IIb PRR (SG&DB)
  1. Erie-Built Phase IIb PRR (No DB&SG)
  2. Erie-Built Phase IIb UP
  3. Erie-Built B Phase IIb PRR, UP
  4. Blank
  1. CFA-16-4 MILW
  2. CFB-16-4 MILW
  3. CFA-16-4m MILW
  4. CFB-16-4m MILW
  1. CFA-16-4 NYC
  2. CFB-16-4 NYC
  3. CFA-16-4 PRR
  4. CFB-16-4 PRR
  1. CFA-16-4 CN Phase I
  2. CFA-16-4 CN Phase II
  3. CFB-16-4 CN
  4. CFA-16-4 CP
  1. CFB-16-4 CP
  2. CFA-20-4 NYC
  3. CFB-20-4 NYC
  4. CPA-16-4 CP (Demo)
  1. CPA-16-4 CP
  2. CPB-16-4 CP
  3. CPA-16-5 CN
  4. CPB-16-5 CN
  1. CPA-20-5 LIRR
  2. CPA-24-5 NH (Demo)
  3. CPA-24-5 LIRR
  4. CPA-24-5 NH
  1. CPA-24-5 NYC
  2. P12-42 B&M
  3. P12-42 NH
  4. Blank

Here is a link for the C-Liner Demo.

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All linework shown above created by Will Anderson unless specifically noted.

I ask nothing for posted drawings to be displayed on personal sites, as long as permission is granted from the owner (me or another posted artist) and credit is given.

See the AutoCad Page if one desires drawings for commercial use.


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