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Other Manufacturer Line Drawings

Other Locomotive Manufacturers


ASEA Brown-Boveri

The ALP-44 succeeded the AEM-7.


  1. LRC Via Locomotive
  2. LRC VIA Passenger Car
  3. LRC Amtrak Locomotive
  4. LRC Amtrak Passenger Car
  1. ALP-46 NJT
  2. ALP 46a NJT
  3. PL42-AC NJT
  4. ALP-45 DP NJT
  1. Acela 6.5 Power Car
  2. Acela Turbine Locomotive
  3. HHP-8
  4. Blank

Acela Passenger Cars can be found on the Rolling Stock Page.

Motive Power International (Morrison-Knudsen)

  1. F40PHL-2 (Tri-Rail)
  2. F40PH-2C (CalTrain)
  3. F40PH-2C (Coaster)
  4. F40PH-2C (MBTA)
  1. MP36PH-3C (CalTrain)
  2. MP36PH-3C (UTA)
  3. MP40PH-3C (GO)
  4. Blank

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All linework shown above created by Will Anderson unless specifically noted.

I ask nothing for posted drawings to be displayed on personal sites, as long as permission is granted from the owner (me or another posted artist) and credit is given.

See the AutoCad Page if one desires drawings for commercial use.


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