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Rail Travel in and Around California by Wizzle - Empire Builder
Empire Builder Maps and Links

Amtrak's official Empire Builder homepage has an excellent route map  with  with descriptions of the fascinating destinations served by this premier train. The links here will provide additional information so that you can plan an outing to one or more of the cities along the route.  More information will be added periodically as I travel along this route or find interesting websites, so check back.

Stop by Stop Information (West to east along the route)

Just a few things filled in at this point.....I'm doing the left coast pages first.....that's the Right way to travel!!
Stop Links Description/Comments
Seattle, WA Seattle City This is the official website for the City of Seattle and hands down the best damn city site on the web.  These folks are NOT constricted by the idea that a "city" or "professional" page has to lack links.  Their visions for the site are well worth reading for ANYONE who is a webmaster........corporate, civic or private. Imagine being able to pay traffic tickets or complain about your trash sevice via the web!! I can't do ya better than recommending you check their Visitor even like tourists in Seattle!!!!! I found links to practically everything I could, transportation, attractions.....via this site. Look for more information about Seattle and Kingston Street Station  after I come back from my winter trip (LAX to SEA via the Coast Starlight) in March of 1999. 
Rail Travel in Washington By WA Department of Transportation 
(Seattle section)
Portland, OR Visitor's Association Portland is a lovely city with excellent public transportation including a fare-free zone in downtown.  Don't miss Powell's Books! Most hotels will tell you how to get there as it's HUGE and an attraction. There are lots of great mini-breweries which are definetly for anyone with a yen for good beer.  With 37 inches average rainfall per year don't forget to bring an umbrella! Nearby in the Willamette valley are some very nice wineries which remind me of Napa in the 1960's. If I  can find the pics of my Portland visit in 1989 I'll post them. Portland is also the connecting point for Amtrak's buses along the Columbia River Gorge and to Boise, ID. Get Amtrak's National Schedule to help you with your planning. Note that schedules change at spring and always check Amtrak's schedule information prior to making firm plans. 
Vancouver, OR City of Vancouver Mostly political
Bingen-White Salmon, WA
Where the Seattle 
section is joined
Sandpoint, ID
Libby, MT
Whitefish This is one of those extremely nice community websites that entice you to visit.  I've "chatted" with the webmaster via email and judging from the response this is a delightful community of folks who will show you a GREAT time.  Fishing seems to be FABULOUS in the area. I know from visiting the Rockies and Glacier Park by car (1988) that the scenery is absolutely and unequivocably spectacular.  And those words are coming from a Californian who has been spoiled by numerous visits to the Sierras, Cascades and Alps.  Montana very much reminded me of Switzerland. On our trip we found  Montana folks most welcoming of those who have come to tour. I'm looking forward to stepping off the train at Whitefish!
West Glacier Glacier Park Commercial site
Essex A classic stop along the route and a mecca for railfans. 
East Glacier US Govt Park Page The Park Service has done an OUTSTANDING job in describing Glacier along with all their other properties.  To reserve space in Glacier you can call -800-436-PARK. I love spending my tax dollars on Amtrak and the Park Service! FYI, public support to Amtrak is about 1/50th of what YOU spend to support interstates, many of which benefit only the trucking industry (cough pollution regs here in Cal on trucks and they pay a lower proportional fuel tax than cars). After we factor out the federal taxes on airline tickets, YOU still pay 5 times as much to support air travel as to support Amtrak.  And,....just a little note......YOUR city with that fancy airport gets 3-5 times as much pollution per passenger mile from a jet as from a train. None of my stats count state or local support to airports and roads. 
Cut Bank
Wolf Point
Williston, ND
Devils Lake
Grand Forks
Detroit Lakes, MN
St. Cloud
St. Paul - Minneapolis
Red Wing
LaCrosse, WI
Wisconsin Dells
Columbus, WI
Glenview, Il

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