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Rail Travel in and Around California by Wizzle - The San Diegan The Coast Starlight - Serving  Los Angeles to Seattle


Coast Starlight Travelogues

Los Angeles to Seattle - 27 February to 7 March 1999

Prologue and Itinerary

I had long wanted to take the train from Los Angeles to Seattle.  I knew from driving California Highway 1 many times that the train went where mere cars couldn't.  On one camping trip, we had walked in a ways from the highway and pitched a tent at the beach right near a trestle where the trains would pass us by. How wonderful to be on that train, I remember thinking. So when I discovered travelogues which described how much fun it is on the train, I decided to turn wishful thought into reality.  The Coast Starlight was the natural choice because I was familiar with much of the route it takes, along scenery which never becomes tiresome,  and the area around Seattle is one of my favorite destinations.  My planned itinerary is:

9/3/98 - My level of anticipation reached such a height, that I've already taken or booked "practice" trips prior to The Grand Coast Starlight Odyssey.  If things keep up as they are going, this trip may end up being my second or third aboard the Starlight! The historic rail town of Dunsmuir is beckoning me to look it over during the Christmas to New Year's break. And maybe a jaunt up to San Luis Obispo?  So many destinations! So little time! Train Page|Wizzle Tours

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Updated: Thursday, September 3, 1998