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Layout Photos - Thumbnails

  • Credits: Photography by Roy A. Kunst 2/98, rolling stock loaned by Robert Soars.
  • LINKS: Note each of these 13 thumbnails (20% size) has a link which you can see the picture 100% full size.
  • If you have a fast connection, you can view Full Size Page Photos 1 - 13 to see all 13 photos full size.

Photo 1 -- Steam and diesel passenger trains loading at Union Station.


Photo 2 -- Diesel passenger train leaving Union Station.


Photo 3 -- Steam train pulling out of Union Station heading for Altoona Switch tower.

Photo 4 -- Night Time at Altoona Switch Tower.

A scratch built tower reportedly copied by Revell in the 1960's for their plastic kit.

Photo 5 -- Switcher Idling at Altoona Switch Tower.

Photo 6 -- Steam engine turning at the yard, on a scratch built 18" turntable and roundhouse.

Photo 7 -- Steam engine turning at the yard - side view.

Photo 8 -- Steam engine turning at the yard - side view.

(Similar to Photo 7, but note engines have been moved into roundhouse.)

Photo 9 --Union Station

Photo 10 --Water & coal towers at the steam locomotive service facility

Photo 11 -- Looking down the mainline toward the freight yard

Photo 12 -- Union Station, looking down the mainine toward the steam locomotive service facility

Photo 13 -- Roundhouse & turntable

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