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PRR #4483 in the 2010's

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 #4483 in the 2010's 

The galvanized sheet metal on the valve chest and cylinders, which was installed at WABCO, was a constant problem. No matter what primer we tried, the new paint would eventually fall off. In 2015, Society member Bill Dudley had offered to make new boiler jacketing for the locomotive and we accepted his offer. A small test piece was make and checked for fit.

September 2016

Many, many measurements were taken of the boiler noting where the original mounting brackets were located. Detailed cutting diagrams were made using old B&W photo's as a guide. Bill started making the four firebox flat sheets in late 2015 and by the end of summer 2016, 16 separate sheets of 18 gauge curved steel were ready. On September 5th, 2016 we removed the over 30 year old valve chest and cylinder jackets.

Using the old galvanized sheet metal for a template, cutting lines were laid out on the new 18 gauge steel sheets. I used a 50 amp LOTOS© plasma cutter to easily cut out all the curved lines and holes on the four sheets. Plasma cutting generates very little heat so Masonite© hardboard templates were made to guide the torch head for nice even cuts. Some quick grinding cleaned up the slag on the edges.

With the old sheet metal removed it became apparent how many times these sheets have been replaced. Numerous old bolts, both steel and brass, that were cut off at the head remained in the cast steel. Rick B. and I drilled and tapped 16 holes that will be used for new 5/16" stainless steel bolts. Some minor adjustments were made on the sheet metal for a perfect fit.

October 2016

With great October weather, we needle scaled and then wire brushed the cylinder castings for a nice clean surface. A coat of KemBond© primer was applied one week followed with a top coat of left over catalyzed urethane enamel. All four jacket sheets received the same treatment. Once the sheets are in place we will top coat the exterior with Pennsylvania "Dark Green Locomotive Enamel." (black)

On the 17th, we bolted the two pieces of the cylinder jacket sheet metal to the locomotive. The 3/8" speed nut clips on the lower sheet lined up perfect with the holes in the top sheet. All 20 threaded holes got a dab of "Permatex® Anti-Seize" before the stainless steel bolts were screwed in place. Thanks to Mike M. for the use of his pneumatic offset flange tool. 

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