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BCK #43 - 2020 Updates


Updates 2020
by Scott H.

June 2020

When I last reported about work in Hamburg we were just getting 30 degree weather and Rick Burns and Bob Martin were draining the cooling system. As I write this, we are expecting a 90 degree plus day. With the Covid 19 crisis restrictions just easing up, Rick Burns started to prep Buffalo Creek #43 for its first start up of the year.

On June 1st, Rick reinstalled the large generator belt cover on the front of the prime mover. He also pre-lubed the engine was able to “bar it over” with very little effort. It seems the engine really likes the fresh 82 gallons of new oil we added last year. He also knocked down the weeds that had flourished during the last month with his weed-wacker.

On June 8th, he refilled the cooling system with 285 gallons fresh water. A big thank you goes out to Rick Fisher of ArtCraft Toy Trains for letting us “borrow” the water! Rick also barred the engine over to eliminate any air pockets. He was pleased to report there were no leaks. Rick and Bob are hoping to get the engine operating in the very near future.

June 15th broke out bright and sunny. Rick B., Bob M. and Jim L. were all on hand to get the locomotive ready for it first run of the season. The prime mover was pre-lubed and barred over. Oil strainers were rotated and condensation drained from the air tanks. Rick pushed in the starter button and after 10 or more "ka-chunks" the engine came to life! Jim commented that it started like it was run yesterday.

Once the compressor built up enough control air, Rick notched out the throttle and away they went! It didn't take long to reach the end of our 60 foot stretch of track but that didn't matter. The engine being fully operational brings enough satisfation to make everyone happy.

The Hamburg crew plans to apply a whole lot of fresh paint this summer with new letters and numbers. Hopefully the great weather continues.

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