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Orchard Park Depot 2021

January 2021
by Joseph Kocsis

          Depot Co-Chairman Bob Snyder took these photos on the morning of Wednesday the 13th, when it was 30 degrees. As you can see, work is continuing on the waiting platform. The temperature did get up to 39' which probably made things a little easier. The newly laid bricks have to be tamped and grouted this Spring. Thanks to Bob for the photos.

          WNY has enjoyed a relatively mild January so far with almost all daytime highs above our normal average. This has allowed our brick laying company to continue their work on the waiting platform of the Depot. All the bricks around the Depot have been laid as well as the ones up to south end of the waiting platform. Sand grouting of the bricks will have to wait until the bricks are tamped.

By the end of the week, more bricks were laid in place between the depot and the freight house. Tamping and final grouting will need to wait for warmer weather. Just a few more bricks to place leading up to the freight house stairs.

Work sessions will continue every Wednesday morning from 9 to noon. Anyone interested in spending some time at the depot please call our number, 662-7002, and let us know you are coming.

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