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The following are the results of sifting through 5000+ web sites related to the search subject, "State name + railroads". Most of the links focus on the early history of the railroads in the United States. Some of the sites are very good and some are so-so. Canada will be added soon at the bottom.

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U.S.A. Sites covering more that one state.
My Links Page of current railroads with web sites
Bob Webber's SlimRails Library Car
Ghost Depot, the D&RGW
Tradename and Nicknames
Names and Pricy Books
Historic Railroads: A Living Legacy
RR Land Forfeiture
Early History
More History
Rails USA
Western Railroads
Cyndi's List
Sources for Railroad History Research in the United States
Railroads & Waterways
Railroads of the Old Northwest
More Railroads of the Old Northwest
Chronology of the Northern Pacific & Related Land Grant Railroads
The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc.
Forum List. Has good RR sites. Slow loading.
History of the Southeastern United States
Historic Railroads and Railroad Museums
History of Railroads and Maps
Railroad Land Grants. UP&MP&O might be in here.
RR History
How The Government And Army Built America's Railroads
Guide to RR's
Wells Fargo Across the States
Gouverneur Morris, Jr. Papers
Just Railroads
Manuscript Sources for Railroad History Research
EAN Directory
Note: Click on State, click on Recreation and Sports. Some states have a Railroad Link.
19th and 20th century Railroads
Early Railroads
1830 Railroads & Robber Barons
Railroad History
Railroad History Links
Railroads and Waterways
Railroad History Database Project
Railroad Maps 1820-1900
Sources for Railroad History Research in the United States
State References
JJ's Railroad Links
Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society, Railroads
BNSF Genealogy
List of North American Trolley and Traction Lines
Railroad Merger List
Beckets + 2000 Railroad Links


Rags to Riches


SSW History
More SSW

Railway History
CPRR History
The Birth of California's Narrow Gauge Railroads
Loggers, Railroads and Pine


The Fair Haven & Westville Railroad
Railroad History Collections

Railroads of the Catskills
Delaware & Hudson Historical Information
Railroading in Delaware
Delaware Historical Records

SW Florida Railroads
Railroads in Florida's History
RR History
The Florida Railroad
Florida East Coast Railway
Railroad Barons
ACL and SAL Railroads Historical Society

Central of Georgia Railway Historical Soc
Rare RR Maps
Rail History
The Railroads and the New Georgia
Railroads in Atlanta
Central of Georgia Railway
Western & Atlantic Railroad
More Georgia RR's
Southern Antebellum Railroads
The South Georgia Railway


Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway Company

Illinois Railroads, 1850-1860
Abandon railroads
Active and Abandoned Railroads in Illinois by County
More History
History Links
Illinois Central Railroad Historical Society
Early RR's
Railroads and Their Influence on the Growth of Chicago in the 1850s

Indiana Transportation Information Center
Indiana's First RR's
The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
History of The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company
Pere Marquette Historical Society

State of Iowa History
Mississippi and Missouri (later the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific) Railroad
Muscatine North & South Railroad

Rail History
Rail History
Railroads in Kansas
Leavenworth County RR's
Clinton Railroads: History of the "Leaky Roof"
Fort Scott National Historic Site

Kentucky Logging Railroads
Railroads of Kentucky

Southern Railroading History
The Godchaux Plantation Railroads

The Railroad History of Maine
Bridgton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Maine Railroads
Maine Central Railroad Company
Other Maine Railroads
Maine Two Foot Railroads
Maine Rail History
In the Maine Woods
History of the Maine Central Railroad
Maine History Resources

Baltimore region and Maryland
Western Maryland Chapter, NRHS

Sites Related to Massachusetts Railroads
History of the Railways of Massachusetts
Railroad Links
Electric Railways
Railroads in Antebellum Richmond

Michigan Railroads
Central Michigan Railroads
Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway
When Michigan rode the rails
Mapping Michigan Transportation
References and Links
History of Newaygo County Railroads
Grayling Michigan History

Copper Country Railroads
Minnesota by Rail

Grenada History

Ecyclopedia of the History of Missouri: Railroad Articles
Missouri Railroads
Missouri Transportation
The Railroads of Clinton and Henry County
Western Historical Manuscript Collection


Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

Nevada Northern
Nevada Northern & Railroads of White Pine County, Nevada
Nevada Railroad Pictures and Links
Nevada County Depot Museum
Nevada State Railroad Museum

New Hampshire

New Jersey
The Fallen Flag Railroads of New Jersey
Gerald's Railroads Of New Jersey
History of the Railroads of New Jersey
The Early Railroads
Railroads and Utilities
New Jersey Rails
United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey
The Central Railroad of New Jersey
Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society
Central Railroad of New Jersey

New Mexico
Railroads in New Mexico
Hachita, New Mexico
The First Half Century, 1889-1939

New York
Railroads & Trolley Lines of Geneva N.Y.
Railroads of Western New York
New York Railroads
New York Railroad Attractions
New York Railroads
Railroad Companies of New York State
Canals and Railroads
Development of Railroad Transportation
Railroads & Trolley Lines of Geneva N.Y.
The New York, Westchester & Boston Railway
Sites Offering Online Catskill History

North Carolina
Western North Carolina
More Western North Carolina
Confederate Mails on the North Carolina Railroads

North Dakota

Ohio Railroads
The Old Railroads of Ohio
Evolution of the railroads as found in the old papers.
Interurban Railways in Ohio

Stillwater Station
The Choctaw, Oklahoma and Texas Railroad
Guthrie Oklahoma
Sumner County Railroad History

Columbia County Logging Railroads

Lackawanna Valley
North Central Pennsylvania Railroads
Hobo's Guide to the PRR
History of the Reading Company
West Chester Railroad Company
The Beginnings of the Railroad in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Railroad Company Manuscript Collection

Rhode Island
When the Railroad Came to Westerly
Woonsocket's Railroads

South Carolina
Piedmont and Northern Railway Company

South Dakota

East Tennessee
Railroads of South-central Tennessee
Tennessee Railroad Attractions
Goodspeed's History of Tennesse, Sullivan County

Texas Railroads
Early Texas Railroads
Railroading in Texas
An Informal History Compiled for Its Centennial
East Texas Railroads
Texas Railroads
East Texas Railroad
The Journal of Texas Shortline Railroads and Transportation
Texas Railroads
Railroads of the Southern Plains
AT&SF in Texas
Railroads, Windmills and Barbed Wire
Texas State Electronic Library
Galveston's rail heritage

Utah Rails
Don Strack's Utah Rails

Electric Railroads of Vermont
Vermont Railroads
Railroads of Northwestern Vermont
The Central Vermont Railway Historical Society

Virginia Railroad Association
Historic Transportation Patterns in Virginia
Manuscript Sources for Railroad History
The Railroads of Central Virginia
Civil War Manuscript Sources
Manuscript Resources for Appalachian History
The History of Lynchburg, Virginia

The Railroads of Grays Harbor

West Virginia
Northern West Virginia's Railroads
West Virginia railroads

Wisconsin Logging Railroads
Law and Railroads in Wisconsin, 1847-1910
A Timeline History of The Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic
The Green Bay & Western Railroad
Copper Country Railroads
Archives Division of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Railroads in Eastern Wisconsin

Wyoming Rails



Canada. Sites covering more that one Province.
All Time List of Canadian Transit Systems
Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
All Rail - All Canadian Internet Search Engine & Directory


British Columbia


New Brunswick


Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia

Nunavut Territory


Prince Edward Island



Yukon Territory


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