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Added map links to all of the locales pages.

Added two new pages on the Wyoming Rails site. I put them there to save space here as they are of general interest. The first is a page with links to all of the operating railroads in the world. The second is a page with links to the history of North American railroads.
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Landowners sue railroad over rights of way

A group of Laramie County, WY landowners is suing Union Pacific Railroad over the use of railroad rights of way for fiber-optic cable and other telecommunications lines. The class-action lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court by Warren Nicodemus and Dale and Darlene Bowman. The Sheridan law firm Davis & Cannon is representing the landowners.

The landowners argue right of way agreements do not allow the use of their property for anything other than operating a railroad. They contend UP and the telecommunications companies are trespassing, depriving landowners of rents and profits and enriching themselves at the landowners' expense.

UP spokesman John Bromley said the railroad will fight the suit. Bromley said telecommunications companies have laid fiber-optic and other equipment along railroad rights of way throughout the country.


Not much new on the site. Went through every page and corrected spelling and other errors. Also added some new features to the look.

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