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Marge Kirkpatrick Photos


Track test, detector or evaluation car. Likely a DC-1 or 2.
Photo was taken from the pedestrian bridge that
does/did cross the UP yard in Laramie.

Evaluation car.
Photo by Marge Kirkpatrick.

UP 900015 is a wedge snow plow built from a tender.
The photo was taken along the south side of the UP yard, Laramie.

Snow plow.
Photo by Marge Kirkpatrick.

This is a Wyoming-Colorado RR MOW air dump car.
The photo was taken in the WYCO yard near Snowy Range Road on the SW side of Laramie.

Air dump car.
Photo by Marge Kirkpatrick.

A jet engine mounted on a frame and used for clearing switches
of ice and snow. Photo taken along the south side of the Laramie yard.

Big heater.
Photo by Marge Kirkpatrick.

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