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Burlington & Missouri River Railroad


In 1888, the Burlington, one of the last truly great surviving railroads in America, formed a company called the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad to construct the line from Crawford, Nebraska, to Billings Montana. This was not the first use of the name.

First you had the B&MR in Iowa, formed in 1852 by the CB&Q to build across Iowa. This is the current main line from Burlington to Plattsmouth. This road was made part of the CB&Q in 1875.

The second was the B&MR in Nebraska, formed to build all lines from Plattsmouth NE west. It was made part of the CB&Q during the 1903-04 consolidation of CB&Q properties.

The route follows the present day Big Horn and Black Hills Subs in NE Wyoming. This was also made part of the CB&Q during during the 1903-04 consolidation.

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