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Western Railroad Properties, Inc.


Western Railroad Properties, Inc. (WRPI), formed about 1982 as a jointly owned company of the C&NW and UP to acquire half interest in BN coal line from Shawnee Junction to Coal Creek Jct. in 1983. On Dec 15, 1986 purchased 11 miles more of BN line from Coal Crek East Caballo Jct. Beginning Jun 27, 1983 constructed 6 miles of new raulroad from Shawnee Jct. to Shawnee, rebuilt 45 miles of C&NW line from Shawnee to Crandall, and 56 miles of new railroad from Crandall to Joyce, Nebraska. First commercial train ran Aug 16, 1984. UP acquired ownership of C&NW in April 1995.

Eugene Lewis

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