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DCGRR ALCO RS-3 Specifications
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Immediately after the end of WW II, the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) produced the RS, Road Switcher Diesels. The third version, the RS-3 ,was first delivered in 1950 to the Great Northern Railway. Over 1,272 were built by ALCO. RS-3’s have been used in local freight train service as well as commuter passenger service. The RS-3’s ran throughout the US, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, and S. America. Production of the RS-3 ceased in 1956.
1:1 Prototype Information

Great Northern #229
Model: RS-3
Whyte symbol: 0-4-4-0
A.A.R. symbol: B-B
Number per unit: One
Type: 12 cyl. 4 cycle, vee, turbosupercharged
Model: Series 244
Cylinders, bore and stroke: 9 by 10 ½
Horsepower available for traction: 1,600
Make: GE
Type: GT-581
Traction Motors:
Number: 4
Make: GE
Type: GE-752
Journal bearings:
Type: Plain
Size: 61/2 by 12
Wheels, diameter: 40
Wheel Base, ft-in:
Distance between truck centers, ft.-in: 30-0
Maximum dimensions, overall, ft.-in.:
Width: 10-0 ¼
Height: 14-3 ½
Length over couple pulling faces: 36-3 ¼
Weights in work order, lb.:
Locomotive, total, approx: 240,000
On drivers, approx: 240,000
Lubricating oil, gal: 200
Fuel Oil, gal: 800
Engine cooling water, gal: 250
Sand, cu. ft: 28
Air brake schedule: 6-Sl
Gear ratio: 74:18, 65:18, 61:19, 62:21
Max speed mph: 65, 75, 80, 92


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