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Many model railroader's choose a specific railroad line to model. Since UP, DRGW, WP, Sante Fe, Utah Railway and many other railroads all run within 10 miles from my home. So I decided to run them all, after all its my layout and I can do what I want with it.


What started out as a simple oval on a 4x8 has evolved into something much larger as additional space was procured for my layout. I had always wanted to have and over under layout configuration where the trains could pass each other like they did just west of town when I was growing so I put in a figure eight configuration, concealing part of it with a mountain. Then as my need changed I added a freight yard which doubles as a staging yard for different trains to run on the layout as well as provide storage for my growing fleet


My layout is constructed out of 2x4's and wafer board, a bit over built, but a very stable and sturdy layout nonetheless. I built tables to support the waferboard and then layout out with a pencil the center lines for both tracks. Then the cork went down, and after that the track went down, I used code 100 flex track and turnouts from atlas. I also ran a bus line under the layout and fed feeders down from every piece of track to ensure good electrical conductivity. After that the mountains were built and the roads and ground foam went in. I also painted the track using black, grey and brown primer in a spray can. I used N scale ballast which went quite well using tips i learned from the Atlas model railroad forum.


A special thanks should go out to all the fine members of the atlas model railroad forum who tutored me on scenery construction. I learned how to make trees from scratch, build roads, construct structure and weather them as well. With the assistance of my kids we have made over 400 trees and my daughter has painted a number of rose bushes for me. I have spent many hours hand painting people to place around the layout and thanks to the local discount store I have nearly 100 autos on my layout. I also have a number of vignettes around the layout that you have to see to appreciate. Whether it be the dog marking his territory or a bear scaring a hiker or the kids stuck on a billboard because the ladder fell down. I also have a number of WWII era planes that are performing maneuvers above the layout.

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