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201001 is a “Hastings” DEMU which was introduced for the London to Hastings via Tonbridge service. They started life in 1957 and worked for over 30 years before the line was electrified and most of the “Hastings” units were scrapped. This unit however found its way into preservation with Hastings Diesels who specialise in looking after DEMU’s. At present 201001 is working nearly every day on the Marsh Link due to the poor reliability of the 171 “Turbostars” which replaced the 205 and 207 “Thumper” units at the end of 2004. Below are a few photos......... hope you enjoy them.

201001 at Ashford

A look at “Mountbatten”, 201001’s power car, at Hastings, sorry for the poor photo, the sun wasn’t being very nice to me that day!

A view at the interior which is in very “unrefurbished condition. The seats are just about the most comfortable you can get and the unit is kept in superb condition. Other companies should take note!!!!

A view of another car shows the fitting of brand new “NSE Blue” moquette which adds a little modern day feeling