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This page mentions the various advertising liveries VIA has done with their F40s: Special VIA liveries.


Click here for various quotes I either said were said to/about me: quotes.htm


A little about me: About me.htm


Click here to read about my quest to visit the TTCs last 19 PCC streetcars: PCC Quest


This page shows the three interior configurations of Amtraks Amfleet 2 lounge cars: Amfleet 2 lounge interiors


Click to read about my all time favourite subway cars: G-cars


A bit about a place I like to visit from time to time: HCRR


This page is my resistance to people who think they have the right to make me to delete my photos: I don't think so!


As of late 2009, Trolleyville USA/Lakeshore Electric Railway is no more. Click here to see where the cars went: Trolleyville


Sometimes we go to great lengths for photos. Click to read about the unusual things Ive done for rail/bus photos: The Things we do for photos


Click to see pictures of the first articulated bus the TTC has purchased in over a decade: TTC 9000


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