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Eeeeks...the first thing to do with a new site if creating from scratch is don't put everything in one directory.

This site is going to be SLOOOOW but I discovered just for now a few images I thought were lost on the internet. Remember the 'free' internet? Even the photo developing sites offered free promotions. If developing and putting on the web is 'free' why not use the service? So for awhile I took random photos and got them put on the web for free. Next promotions were gone and good odds your photos on the web gone too.----and leaving you with no backup...not even a photo or negative.....

Then the quality of the photos on the web left something to be desired. If you paid you might be able to get the high resolution the low.....

Whatever...I found these and can't even figure out how I got them saved in such small size.(and so poor) Ideally for the web the smaller the better. Costs are bandwidth.----but smaller usually equals loss of quality...

Well..this worthless link goes to a few poor pictures of the ex-Housatonic Railroad, New Haven Railroad, Penn Central Railroad going north in Bridgeport,Ct. This spur of a couple miles was still serviced up to maybe 10 years ago. A few years ago it was being ripped up and I just snapped a few pictures when traveling through the area. Today all is gone so ? Maybe some day somebody will want some pictures of this line that used to go from Bridgeport,Ct. to Newtown (Botsford),Ct. with most the southern section abandoned late 1930's. The northern section from Stepney-Monroe, Ct. north the tracks were pulled in mid-1960's approx. I recall walking this section at that time and the ties were rotted from most the rails. It made a most beautiful walk in a populated people...houses..dogs,etc. I think few knew about it. Local towns tried forever to secure it for preservation and as of 2003 I think some success has been made. From Trumbull,Ct. north its mostly preserved with a few breaks and YET to get some asphalt pavement of some bike rail trail.

I will note as of late 2004 this Railroad ROW is mostly getting preserved as a 'bike trail'. Gone is the old 'antique' vs. a paved bike trail. The very northern section (Newtown) and southern sections are yet to be paved--except for a couple miles north of the Metro-North-Amtrak connection in Bridgeport,Ct. (2012 -- Mostly all paved now except sections yet to be preserved)

Now even the connection with MetroNorth-Amtrak is totally GONE.(Interstate 95 construction and new bridge)

There WAS a lower section to a rail yard and port on Long Island Sound maybe only a half mile or so. Yep...this got ripped up a few years ago and replaced by a sports stadium. Otherwise it was out of usage for quite awhile. Back in the 1960's numerous local freight customers still existed off the southern section south of Interstate 95.

So I will slowly develop this site. First random photo's I find I still have left on web. Next break out the scanner. Of coarse any line could use maps. Most my old stuff is in slide version and yet to get a quality transparency adapter scanner.

2012 -- This site has been very slow to develop !!! Sorry. 2012 now. I will include a few images I found of the old Housatonic Railroad in Bridgeport and the just might be unique. I think I found them in the Bridgeport Library. Of interest is the map of various urban lines and the one showing the railroad reaching the Merritt Parkway. (that map unusual)