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This section will lead to UNIDENTIFIED photo's. Ever snap pictures and forget where it was? A terrible habit. Often film might be developed LATER and even then it slips the memory. Sometimes long research leads to results. Well...I'm lucky to have tons of 'unidentified'. An old rail line...where?

I will post them on this page or section and if anybody has a better guess would really appreciate any information.

I found a roll of film in a camera that had been sitting around for years and never developed. I gave it a shot and developed film and pictures actually came out. I have id'd most everything except 10-11 look as though they might be railroad related. By looking at pictures the area is 'Lime Rock'(Lakeville-Salisbury) Connecticut to East Canaan. Anybody recall WHERE those 2 pictures with a 'bridge' are ? The photo #17 is old bridge abutment of Central New England Railroad in lower East Canaan,Ct. I could be wrong but I don't think this was the main line but a spur track to charcoal kilns as the only thing on other side of road is old charcoal kiln. The photo #2 is an old remnant in a field in East Canaan,Ct. where the Central New England Railroad used to cross through.

sign on monument,east canaan,ct east canaan,ct--see structure in field? I believe remnants of CNE RR structure sign on monument,east canaan,ct east canaan,ct post office where is this cemetery? lime rock,ct scene
lime rock,ct. area sign salmon kill road,lime rock,ct old asylum rd,lime rock,ct unknown structure...railroad ???? unknown structure..railroad ??? just a trail sign in north canaan,ct
east canaan,ct. post office is this canaan mountain or coltsfoot mountain? entrance area lime rock race track entrance area lime rock race track bridge abutment east canaan,ct.---this was Central New England Railroad spur serving charcoal kilns in lower east canaan..... this is open for photo #16