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ACR Train Numbers

Selections of ACR trains numbers through the years, taken from employee's timetables.

Extras are always identified by lead engine number and direction, ie. Extra 186 South.

May 1920

1PsgrSault Ste. MarieFranzMon. Wed, Fri
2PsgrFranzSault Ste. MarieTue, Thu, Sat.
3MixedFranzHearstTue, Thu
4MixedHearstFranzWed, Fri
5MixedMichipicotenHawk JunctionSat only
6MixedHawk JunctionMichipicotenWed only
9MixedSault Ste. MarieFranzTue, Thu, Sat.
10MixedFranzSault Ste. MarieMon. Wed, Fri

Note: the 1920 timetable list the main line as 3 subdivisions: Soo (Sault Ste. Marie-Frater), Agawa (Frater-Franz) and Northern (Franz-Hearst Jct.). The Helen and Magpie subdivisions branch off the Michipicoten sub.

August 1929 (Passenger Schedules)

1PsgrSault Ste. MarieFranzDaily
2PsgrFranzSault Ste. MarieDaily
3Mixed?Hawk JunctionHearstTue, Thu, Sat.
4Mixed?HearstHawk JunctionWed, Fri, Sun.

Taken from 1929 public passenger timetable reproduced in Tracks of the Black Bear. Only passenger carrying trains on the main line are listed. No listing for Michipicoten trains. Unclear whether these 4 trains are regular passenger trains or mixed trains. We can see that 5,6,9,10 are no longer mixed trains, and based on 1920 and 1951 TTs, 1 and 2 are most likely regular passenger. 3 and 4 may be mixed trains still at this point, but unknown for sure.

September 1951

1PsgrSault Ste. MarieMichipicotenMon. Wed, FriSplit to form #3 at Hawk Junction
2PsgrMichipicotenSault Ste. MarieTue, Thu, Sat.Combined with #4 at Hawk Junction
3PsgrHawk JunctionHearstMon, Wed, FriSplit from #1 at Hawk Junction
4PsgrHearstHawk JunctionTue, Thu, SatAdded to #2 at Hawk Junction
5MixedHawk JunctionHearstTue, Thu, Sat.
6MixedHearstHawk JunctionMon, Wed, Fri
9FreightHawk JunctionObaDailyOba Turn
10FreightObaHawk JunctionDailyReturn of #9
11FreightSteelton YardHearstDaily
12FreightHearstSteelton YardDaily
21FreightSteelton YardHawk JunctionDailyore empties?
22FreightHawk JunctionSteelton YardDaily22, 24 SB ore trains?
24FreightHawk JunctionSteelton YardDaily

At some point between 1920 and 1950 the main line has been reorganized into 2 subdivisions: Soo (Sault Ste. Marie-Hawk Junction) and Northern (Hawk Junction-Hearst Jct.). The Magpie sub has been abandoned.

1 and 2 are scheduled to meet at Canyon; the Canyon tour hasn't started yet by 1951.

All trains other than Psgr. #1,2 on the Michipicoten Sub run unscheduled/as required.


1Pass.Sault Ste. MarieHearstTue, Fri, Sat
2Pass.HearstSault Ste. MarieMon, Wed, Sat
5FreightHawk JunctionHearstDaily
6FreightHearstHawk JunctionDaily
7FreightSteelton YardHawk JunctionWed. only
9FreightSteelton YardHawk JunctionDaily
10FreightHawk JunctionSteelton YardDaily
11FreightSteelton YardHawk JunctionDaily
12FreightHawk JunctionSteelton YardDaily


1Pass.Sault Ste. MarieHearstFri, Sat, Sun (fall)/
Daily x. Mon (summer)
2Pass.HearstSault Ste. MarieSat, Sun, Mon (fall)/
Daily x. Tues (summer)
3Pass.Sault Ste. MarieCanyonDaily (summer only)Agawa Canyon Tour Train (1977+)
4Pass.CanyonSault Ste. MarieDaily (summer only)return leg of Tour Train
5FreightHawk JunctionHearstMon-Fri
6FreightHearstHawk JunctionTue-Sat
9FreightSteelton YardHawk JunctionDailyReduced to Thursday only schedule by 1986 in the Timetable. (Friday in 1987 TT)
10FreightHawk JunctionSteelton YardDaily
11FreightSteelton YardHawk JunctionDaily
12FreightHawk JunctionSteelton YardDailyReduced to Friday only schedule by 1986 in the Timetable
15FreightHawk JunctionObaSat, SunOba Turn: switches interchange steel traffic and export pulpwood from Mosher. #15/16 disappear from Timetable sometime between 1980 and 1986.
16FreightObaHawk JunctionSat, SunReturn portion of #15
N/AFreightHawk JunctionHawk JunctionMon-FriFranz Turn: extra evening turn freight. Switches Dubreil Lumber and Franz.

Michipicoten Sub: ore trains as required. (Up to 3 turns/day in early 1970s, down to 1/day by mid-late 1980s.) Extra sections of Hawk Jct.-Steelton trains as required to handle southbound ore traffic to Sault Ste. Marie.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train: until approximately 1974-5, the coaches & dining car for the tour train were handled behind the regular consist of no. 1. Coaches dropped at Canyon would be lifted by the southbound no. 2. Extra engines required for handling the stretched consist would be set off at Hawk Junction and lifted by the next day's no. 2. 1976 appears to be the first year that the Canyon Tour is scheduled in the time table as it's own train. (listed as 1 and 2 in '76 with the regular trains as 3 and 4, later swapped back to more familiar numbers - 1/2 for the regular train, 3/4 for the Canyon tour) However the Tour Train would have operated as an extra quite often in the early 1970s when train length required, prompting it's addition to the schedule as a regular train by 1976, and the massive purchases of new (used) passenger equipment in 1969-1974.
Train Order outlining southbound schedule for Psgr Extra 156 South, Canyon-Sault Ste. Marie. July 5, 1974

Snow Train: not sure what the first year of operation for this was, but at least by the very late 1980s the winter version of the Tour Train is still handled by nos. 1 and 2, similar to the operation of the Canyon Tour prior to the mid 1970s. However cars are exchanged at a scheduled meet at Eton, not at Canyon. The early to mid 1990s show this train running on its own.

By the 1991 timetable, all freight trains are no longer scheduled in the timetable. As the ACR had discontinued Timetable & Train Order operation for OCS (Occupancy Clearance System).


L571 Freight Hawk Junction Hearst Daily/As Required?
L572 Freight Hearst Hawk Junction Daily/As Required?
L573 Freight Hawk Junction Steelton Daily
L574 Freight Steelton Hawk Junction Daily
P631 Psgr. Sault Ste. Marie Hearst
P632 Psgr. Hearst Sault Ste. Marie
P633 Psgr. Sault Ste. Marie Canyon Agawa Canyon Tour. Entire round trip runs under this symbol.

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