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Ambroid Wood Craftsman Kits and City Of Los Angeles
Matheson Dry Ice Car 844 at speed
Photo from the Author's collection (left) and courtesy of G. Gerard (right). Used with permission

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Model Railroad Wood Craftsman Kits and Other MR Related Subjects

I find it amazing how one thing many times lead to another, and another, and another... I have been interested in trains for as long as I can remember (and that's a few years by now) and that interest has been manifested in many different ways throughout the years. I grew up at a place with its own freight yard, and I got to "drive" the steam switcher (an 0-4-0 K-class) at the age of 5. The place where my family spent the summers was located only yards from a branch line, where I saw the motive power change from steam to early diesel to just rail cars, before the passenger traffic was finally canceled in the late '60s. And now it's an occasional freight train a couple of times a week on that branch.

I have built model layouts since I was 7, and when I can locate pictures, I will put some up here. None of the layouts became very long-lived because a year, or so, after each was at a stage where I could run any trains, I moved and that layout became history. At the moment, I don't have any layout, but my club, The Southside Modelers in Dallas, is building and operating a nice one, so that has to be enough for the time being.

I started this site as a place to document the history of the Ambroid car kits (see the Ambroid page), but after a while I needed some place to document my progress, or lack thereof sometimes, of my latest modeling project, the Union Pacific Streamliner City Of Los Angeles (COLA) from 1950. So please sit down, relax with a cup of coffee (or whatever relaxes you - but don't spill it on the keyboard) and flip through my pages. When you see something you like, or don't like, or find an error or missing piece of information that you can share, please drop me a line.


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