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Amtrak Journey - October 19th - 29th 2009

andy anderson union station

The art deco Union Station sign its directly above the constantly moving escalators, and beckons travelers to the lower levels of Chicago's Union Station

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Greetings and welcome to the Great Amtrak Road Trip...

This is the longest trip that I've attempted on Amtrak. It begins with a flight from Wichita to Chicago,where I pick up the Texas Eagle. Then it's a 70 hour journey to Los Angeles, where I'll spend the evening. The next day I pick up the famous Coast Starlight for a 35 hour jaunt to Seattle, and another evening in a hotel. The following day I pick up the Empire Builder for a 46 hour journey back to Chicago, and one more evening in a hotel. Finally, I'll pick up an American airlines flight back to Wichita, Kansas

Click on the following links to read my journey logs, and view my images... enjoy.

During the trip, I'll be downloading posts with photos at each of the stops, and encourage your response...

If you have any responses or comments, you can contact me at:

Andy Anderson

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