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Leg Five - Oct 29th American Airlines to Wichita
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A view of Wichita, Kansas from the Arkansas river

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Homeward Bound

I'm currently on the airplane, headed back home to Wichita. Like all aspects of the journey, everything has gone without a hitch. I even got an earlier flight home.

Last night I stayed at the Chicago O'Hare Hilton, and they upgraded me to their executive floor. I spent part of the night going over these travelogues and having a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs... And no dessert.

Okay, the answer to the question I posed earlier: Will I ever have dessert on this trip? I went an entire journey without a single dessert.

Later on, I watched some television, and actually hit the sack around 8:30PM. I must have really been tired.

The next morning (Thursday), I get up around 6:00AM. So I slept for almost ten hours. After a long hot shower, I packed my stuff and moved into the terminals. That's the nice thing about staying at the O'Hare Hilton... You're already at the airport. Even though it's only 9:15AM, I check in for my 1:30PM flight, and head for the Admiral's Club. When I get there, the club attendant says that there is a 10:50AM flight, and would I like to stand by for it. That would get me home almost four hours early. Since I had already checked in for the later flight, she said that there was a chance my luggage would not be with me on the flight.

I decide to take a chance, and say yes. After a moment, she says that because of my airline elite status, she can confirm the flight for me... COOL!!!

I spend about an hour at the club, sipping on a hot tea and reflecting on this trip. I will have to admit that this is one for my personal record books. Not one thing went amiss. If I had scripted this trip, I would have asked for no more than what was given me (maybe more sun).

Around 10:15AM, I leave the club and head for gate H3b. We board on time, and here I am at thirty-five thousand feet. Headed home. As wonderful as this trip has been, I miss my wife (Bonnie), and our two Jack Russell terriers (Herb Tarlic Jr., and Lovejoy), I miss cooking meals in my own kitchen... I miss being home. However, I'm sure that it won't be long before the wanderlust hits again, and I'll be planning the next great adventure.

Andy's Note: When I arrived at Wichita, my luggage was waiting for me on the carrousel.

For all of you that managed to read through this journey, I want to say thank you. I hope I made this journey around the country a pleasurable experience.

Until next time: Keep the Faith, and Keep Traveling.

Andy's Update (February 2010): Well, it looks as if the wanderlust is beginning to hit, because I've tentatively scheduled another round the country trip this September/October.

Keep the faith, and keep traveling.

Andy Anderson

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Keep the faith... And keep traveling
Andy Anderson