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The Beachwood Railroad

On June 6 2004, the first G-scale train ran on a new outdoor G-scale layout on our backyard woods in Frankford Delaware. The tracks are Aristocraft stainless steel track, and there are two independent loops presently. The trains are controlled by an Aristocraft Train Engineer, with the receivers for each track inside the adjacent garage. By summer 2005 there are houses, a water feature, a tunnel, animals, Mud Springs campground, people and even light traffic. In January 2006 a large elevated loop was added into the woods. In January 2007 a large train shed was added. Finally in March 2008, the inner loop was extended out along the elevated loop with the two loops crossing each other twice, to make the overall size of the layout at 615 ft. The picture below taken March 2008 shows trains crossing between the elevated loop and the new loop.

NEWS-Pictures (99) of Layouts from the 2008 National Garden Railroad Convention in Arizona

Open House June 2011

Peg Long's Mallett

My Open House Special

Dueling Mikados

Finally a Video around the layout of my Open House Special, thanks to Ron Bodnar


A few short videos of the trains

Santa Fe Coal Drag
UP Mikado Steam Loco pulling short coal drag
UP Freight Train
UP Coal Drag Meets Up Freight
Jet propelled tank car

The Train Shed

Labor Day 2010

Trains running on the Beachwood Railroad

New Colorado Model Structures added Spring 2009

One more Colorado Model building

Pictures from Beachwood Railroad open house

It seems like every time Pete Eggink shows up, interesting things happen. In 2007 it was his RDC on fire:

In 2008 it was a rear end collision between my track powered SD45 freight train, and a battery powered train, in the tunnel.

Thanks Pete!

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