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Rail anchor installer at Rochester, MN, 6/01/09. Automatically installs metal clips to the rail to stop any motion along the length of the rail due to expansion and contraction.
Ballast tamper at Rochester, MN, 6/01/09. Tamps ballast under and between the ties.
Track Spiker at Rochester, MN, 6/01/09. Automatically spikes rail to wood ties.
I don't know what the real name of this is, but it's known as a "gooper" at Rochester, MN, 6/01/09. It injects high density epoxy foam into the old spike holes when re-laying rail.
  Rail heater at Rochester, MN, 6/01/09. Used when laying continuous welded rail to heat the rail to 90F neutral temperature. Stress due to heating or cooling from that point is contained by the rail anchors.
Hi-Rail at Rochester, MN, 6/01/09. A pickup truck with extra wheels for use on rail. Track inspectors and MOW folks use these versatile highway/rail vehicles
These photos were shot from the public bicycle trail that parallels the DME main line near downtown Rochester.
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