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Trains - Maintenance of Way Equipment (page 4 of 5)
Side Dump
Signal: stop  CP 455501 Side Dump car at Rochester, MN, 6/14/16.   Used mostly for hauling rip-rap (large rocks) for use on MOW projects.
Sperry inspection car
  Sperry (SRS) 145 track inspection car at Laurel, MT, 7/11/05.  Electronically checks track for cracks and other defects.
Heavey Duty Crane
  Heavy duty crane at Winslow, AZ, 5/16/02. Once use for major contruction projects and derailment cleanup, these units are now museum pieces.
Jordan Spreader
  Jordan Spreader at Sheldon, IA, 5/04/06. This unit is used to shape the roadbed and help water drainage.  It can also be used as a snow plow.
  "Speeders" or "Putt-Putts" at Golden, CO, 4/17/06. Once used by MOW crews for transportation, they've been mostly replaced by Hi-Rail trucks.  "Putt-Putt" comes from the sound of their 1 or 2 cylinder gasoline motor.
Dump Train
  GREX 2300 "Dump Train" aggregate delivery system at Sioux City, IA, 5/04/06.  The 25 car string behind the main unit are unique ballast cars connected by conveyer belt.  Highly productive for washout repair and new roadbed construction.

Track Leveler at Saco, MT, 8/31/01. Tamps ballast under the ties to smooth track and eliminate car sway and bounce.

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