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Steam - Heisler
Steam - Heisler

2-Truck Heisler
 Pacific Lumber Company #9 Heisler locomotive at Scotia, CA, 8/8/01. The Heisler design used a 2-cylinder 90-degree V design with one cylinder on either side of the boiler and a center driveshaft to each of the powered trucks.  Heisler's were build by a number of manufacturers; although this one's builder is unknown.  Like Shay's and Climax's; they were popular in logging operations.  (See Oregon Coast Scenic RR for another Heisler example).

LIMA 3-Truck Heisler

Camas Prairie Railroad #92 Heisler locomotive at Lewiston, ID, 8/26/09.  It was built in 1924 for the Ohio Match Company and later sold to Potlatch Forests, Inc.  It was donated to the city of Lewiston in 1963.

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