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Trains - Freight Cars
Trains - RR Freight Cars
Here's a view of different styles of the basic 10 cars on the previous page.
Box Car
  Box Car. This one is hi-cube (e.g. high cubic foot volume), double door car.  The double door makes for easier loading/unloading.

Covered Hopper
  Covered Hopper. This version is flat sided and has 3 internal loading  compartments.
  Refer. This monster has the refrigeration unit attached to a platform on one end.  Modern refers also have GPS tracking systems allowing shippers to monitor car location and temperature.

Double Stack
Double Stacked Container Car. This one shows 2 20-foot containers in each well with a 40-footer on top. Note, well cars are often linked three or five together,  sharing a single truck between each well.
Tank Car
Tank Car.  Railroads have the safest record for hauling hazardous meterial.  And don't worry, most tank cars are in dedicated service; a car hauling crude oil this week won't be hauling corn syrup for your pancakes next week!
Auto Rack
Automobile Rack.  These are articulated cars of 2-3 units each sharing a common truck between units.
  Aluminum coal gondola.  The "tubs" below this car increase the tonnage capacity.
Hopper.  This one is an aluminum car in dedicated coal service and has 5 unloading dump doors on the bottom.
Center Beam Flat
  Center Beam Flatcar. This empty car has a unique center beam style.

  Flat Car. The 1st car has a backhoe and the 2nd  a load of pipe .
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