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Meadow Valley Washout Map Tour

Meadow Valley Washout & Derailment

Map Tour

        The maps below are provided to help you orient yourself to the pictures posted here. These are the main washout points along the Clover Creek and Meadow Valley Washes that occurred during heavy rains and snow and the subsequent runoff during the early part of Jan 2005. During the storm, many areas in the southwest flooded including areas in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. This page only covers the areas affecting the Union Pacific Railroad and specifically UP's Caliente Subdivision. The maps and pictures cover from approximately MP 395 to MP 467 and are by no means the full and comprehensive picture of the damage along the flooded rails.


        The washouts that began on Jan 11, 2005 to the roads, trails and rails have affected commerce and industry throughout the southern NV area. Delays caused by high water continue to hamper the rebuilding effort for both the railroad, as well as the ranches and travel ways inside the wash. This continues as of this writing (1-17-2005)


        To use the maps (unfortunately not clickable) simply find the letter of the map you would like to see, follow the corresponding letter linked below and you'll be taken to a page with a closer map view and thumbnails to the pictures contained within that maps boundaries. For a more general overview of the MVW follow this link (not flood / washout related)

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Meadow Valley Wash Derailment

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